11 Types Arowana Fish Price

 Types Arowana Fish - Arowana fish have a wide variety of types according to their color. Arowana fish is among the most sought-after ornamental fish fish by fish lovers, its beautiful color and elegant movements are very pleasing to the eye.

Here are the types of arowana fish:

1. Brazilian Arowana Fish

Brazilian arowana fish is the fish that has the cheapest price in other arowana fish.

This fish has a very good jumping ability, this ability is used to catch its prey, namely the type of attack. The color of the Brazilian Arowana fish is silver and has long fins, this fish is able to grow up to a length of 1 meter.

The arowana fish price is 64$

2. Banjar arowana fish

Arowana banjar fish has orange fins and a yellowish tail. This type of fish can reach a length of 90 cm. 

Banjar red arowana price 128$

3. Red Tail Golden Arowana Fish 

This fish has a combination of blue, green and golden colors. Arowana Fish Red Tail Golden in length can reach 90 cm when mature. Red tail golden arowana price 286$

4. Super Red Arowana Fish

This fish is a fish that has a high selling price, the super Red Arowana fish has a sexy and acrobatic red color. This fish is divided into 4 colors, namely Blood Red, Chilid Red, Orange Red and Golden Red.

For the habitat of this type of arowana fish is only found in the country of Indonesia. Super Red Arowana price 3000$ depending on the type of color.

5. Black Gold Arowana Fish

Black golden arowana fish has a combination of gold and black colors, this type of fish is very difficult to find even in its natural habitat in Malaysia.

Black Gold Arowana price 1141$

6. Silver Red Arowana Fish

As the name suggests, this arowana fish has a silver platinum color throughout its body, as well as glossy and smooth texture of scales.

This fish is included in the most expensive arowana fish in the world because.  Silver Red Arowana price 381000$

7.  Arowana Fish Cross Black Gold

This fish has a shiny gold color on its back. Cross Back Gold arowana fish has several other names namely Taiping Golden, Pahang Golden, Malayan Bonytongue and Malaysian Golden.

The habitat of this fish is found in many countries in Malaysia. For the arowana fish price is is about 1141$.

8. Jardini Arowana Fish

Jardini arowana fish has a yellow-to-golden color and can grow to a length of 90 cm when mature.

The habitat of this fish in the country of Australia and Indonesia.

Jardini arowana for sale 317$

9. Gold Pino Arowana Fish

The arowana golden pino fish has a very beautiful mixed color of yellow, golden and green. The shape of the head of this fish is quite large compared to other types of arowana fish.

the habitat of the golden Pino arowana fish is distributed in several Asian countries such as Kambija, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

The arowana fish price is 317$

10. Arowana fish batik

As the name suggests, this fish is very beautiful with a dominant combination of silver and bronze colors, the bronze color pattern that this fish has is like a line like batik.

The batik arowana price 3170$

11. Black Arowana Fish

The black Arowana fish is still one brother to the silver arowana fish, the difference is the black tail. Later after adulthood, the black color of the fins will fade and disappear.

Black Arowana for sale 317$

how to care for arowana fish


To raise arowana fish, it is necessary to have a pond size 3 times the size of arowana fish.

Water Temperature

The water temperature for keeping arowana fish is between 26-30 celsius and the water ph is between 5-8. You can use a water thermometer.

Aquarium Decoration

When raising arowana fish, do not give too much decoration, because it will interfere with the growth of the fish, and do not use decorations that have a long tip because it will be able to injure the fish.


Do it regularly in cleaning dirt from the aquarium, this is to maintain the endurance of the fish so that it is always healthy.


Use not too hot lighting, so that the arowana fish remain comfortable.


Arowana fish should be given to eat 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

Aquarium Location

Place the Aquarium in a quiet place so that the fish feel comfortable and don't be too filled with many fish so as not to fight each other.

Those are the types of arowana and how to care for them, hopefully this information can add to your insight and thank you.

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