Wohkudu Beach, a Hidden Beach in Yogyakarta

Have you ever been in Wohkudu Beach?
Wohkudu beach is one of the hidden beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta. 

Wohkudu Beach is a beautiful beach and unique, it’s a white sand beach between two beautiful rocky hills. Could you imagine it?

Wohkudu Beach is located in Nglaos, Wiroso, Girikarto Village, Panggang , Gunungkidul Regency. If you visit Kesirat beach you will pass Wohkudu beach. Because the location of the beach is hidden behind the hill, you can not see the beach from the street. then no wonder if Wohkudu beach is often missed by the tourists.

It’s only a few hundred meters from Kesirat beach.
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Wohkudu Beach
There is a parking lot to park your vehicle. And then you can continue your trip to Wohkudu beach on foot because the way to Wohkudu beach is only a path.

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This will certainly give a different impression if you are on vacation to Wohkudu beach and will be an unforgettable moment. You will see the Jati forest and fields along the way to the Wohkudu beach. Jati is a typical local mountainous tree. If you are lucky, you will meet wild ape herd.

Wohkudu beach atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. It’s a perfect location to refresh our mind, whether just for a trip or set up a tent and spend your night on the Wohkudu beach.

What about fishing? for you rockfishing angler. Wohkudu beach can be one of your choices, you can catch a big fish here. But you can also use an ultralight tackle to fish a predator fish that hide in the rocks along the beach.

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