Mudal River Park, One of Hidden Tourist Destinations

Hello, this time KailBayu will give you information about one of the hidden tourist destinations in Jogja, Namely Mudal River Park.

Mudal River Park is one of the hidden tourist destinations which is located in the most western Regency in Jogja, Kulon Progo Regency. Precisely the Mudal River Park is located in Jatimulyo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta Special Region.

Mudal River Park, One of Hidden Tourist Destinations
Mudal river Park, img source : wikipedia org

So if you visit Kedung Pedut or Kembang Soka, do not forget to visit Mudal River Park, because the location is close to those tourist destination.

Mudal River Park is inaugurated as a tourist destination by the Regent of Kulon Progo in 2015. Now Mudal River Park becomes one of the fascinating tourist destinations, and you should visit when you come to Jogja.

Mudal is the name of the spring in the Kelir mount, one of the mounts in the Menoreh mountain.

In Javanese, the meaning of Mudal is affluent, because the mudal springs never dry even during the dry season. The Mudal spring is the water source for the local people and they use for daily needs.

The water then flows in the river with several small waterfalls, or locals call it by the name grojogan.

Mudal River Park also has some flower gardens that beautify this tourist destination and make you feel at home for a long time here. Different types of plants and flowers thrive and are well managed in Mudal River Park.

You can do a camping in Mudal river park, there is a camping ground here to set up your tent.
tourist destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Mudal River Park

Not only that, you can enjoy the fresh water of Mudal River Park by swimming. There is a pool on the lower side of Mudal River Park. The pool is two meters deep.

Public facilities such as extensive parking, food stalls, and bathrooms are also available at Mudal River park. In addition there are also flying fox rides. If you are tired and want to rest for a moment after walking around this park, you can take a rest in the gazebo in Mudal River Park.

The route to the location of the mudal river park is quite easy, but be careful because the route is a hilly way. From Jogja city you can go to Mudal river Park through wates st, in Wates please turn right to Pengasih and then go a head to Girimulyo.

In Girimulyo, there are already signposts towards the Mudal River Park.

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