How to Prevent Fishing Line Twisted

Fishing line is one of the main fishing equipment. A twisted fishing line will make a trouble when we use it for fishing, especially freshwater fishing. Here are some factors that cause the fishing line twisted and how to prevent it.

How to Prevent Fishing Line Twisted
How to Prevent Fishing Line Twisted

Each brand of fishing line has their own quality and typical. Even Each brand has several different series of quality and character of the line, depends on the price and designation of the fishing line itself.

A cheap fishing line does not mean the fishing line is easy to twist. There are several brands of fishing line with has a cheap price but it’s strong and not easy to twist. I will not mention the brand here. So before you buy a fishing line you can consult with the seller.

Ring guide on your rod is very influential especially a low-quality ring guide. A ring guide which is made of iron will damage and twist your fishing line. Make sure your fishing guide ring is already covered by ceramic. If it is still made of iron no ceramic cover it, it’s better for you to replace it. Or at least the top ring guide of your rod is already covered by ceramic or horn.

Next is the line roller on the reel. Line roller which cannot rotate smoothly, moreover it’s jammed, it will cause the line twisted. Too many anglers do not give attention to this part of fishing reel, whereas it one of the most important parts.

Check the line roller of your fishing reel before you use it, especially if your line roller made of metal. When it jammed, the fishing line will be easily twisted and the line roller will be scrapped. The scraped line roller will cut your line when you fight against the fish.

Use Swivel

Use a swivel on your rig. Your bait use to rotate around when you retrieve it, or because of the fast-flowing streams or wave. Some lures are designed with a rotation act. So you can use a swivel to prevent the line twisted.

Make sure you use swivel which has match size with your fishing line diameter, so the swivel can spin smoothly.

Then what to do if the fishing line is already twisted? I think it’s better for you to cut the fishing line or buy a new one. S twisted fishing line usually has decreased quality. Maybe some fishing line can be straightened by tightening the line, but the elasticity level of the fishing line will decrease drastically as well as the power.

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