7 Most Popular Rockfishing Spot in Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul is well known for Rockfishing Spot as well as the nice beaches. Gunung Kidul is a regency in the eastern of Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. In this article, Kailbayu will share information about 7 most popular rockfishing spot in Gunung Kidul.

Wediombo Beach

I think you have heard the name of this beach, Wediombo, or maybe you been there? Wediombo is one of the nice beaches in Yogyakarta.

There is a big deal of fishing spot in Wediombo, but the most popular is Grendan spot. Many species of fish live in this spot, and you can catch a giant fish such as grouper, sailfish, giant trevally etc in this fishing spot, but this spot is so dangerous.

So if you want to fish in this spot, please ask a local guide or local angler to accompany you. Or you can try at other spots, or try ultralight fishing game at save spots.

Wediombo Beach is one of the fishing spots in Gunung Kidul with good access road and easy to reach. On there are parking lots, so you can leave your vehicle safely when fishing.
kesirat beach. Jogja
kesirat beach, Jogja

Kesirat Beach

If you want to learn about rock fishing, Kesirat beach is strongly recommended to you. On the Kesirat beach you can choose the spot which has a low rocky hill up to a high rocky hill. But, I still recommend you to ask local angler or local guide to accompany you, because rockfishing is a dangerous activity.

If you want to cast, there is a spot for casting or popping on the shore of Kesirat beach. We call the spot   Celeng Tibo,  or simply called celtib.  You must pass an quite extreme road to arrive at Celtib, ie you have to go down by the vertical stairs made of bamboo.

Ngrenehan Beach

Ngrenehan Beach is also a well-known fishing  spot in Gunung Kidul. The location is easy enough to reach, you can use your  gps or google map to go to Ngrenehan Beach. In addition, you can buy fishing bait at the fish-stop at Ngrenehan beach.

The famous rockfishing spot in Ngrenehan beach is mbiting Spot.  Mbiting Spot lies to the west of fish auctions. For the parking area, you have to pass a dangerous and slippery way to reach the spot indeed, especially when the rainy season you have to be extra careful.

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extream fishing spot in indonesia
Gesing fishing spot
Gesing Beach

Gesing beach is located in the east of Kesirat Beach, precisely in the hamlet of Panjolo mulyo, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunungkidul Regency. Gesing Beach is a bay with white sand between Rocky hills. Rocky hills around Gesing is a very nice fishing spot.

If the waves are high and large, it’s to dangerous to fish at Ngrenehan and Wediombo beach. so I think, it’s better for you to fishing at this spot. a big deal of giant fish successfully landed in this spot fishing, like grouper, pompano, stingray etc. Like the  Kesirat beach, this spot you can reach the Gesing beach by motorcycle or car.

Bekah Beach

Bekah Beach or well known as called “Laut Bekah” is located in Padukuhan Temon, Giripurwo Village, Purwosari District, Gunungkidul Regency. About 17 km east of Parangtritis Beach in Bantul, or 36 km from Wonosari town, the capital of Gunung Kidul district.

Beach bekah is a nice fishing spot as well as mullet of monster fish-sized fish in Gunung Kidul. Bekah Beach is also one of the most extreme fishing spots. why? The rocky fishing spot at kesirat beach is up to 70 meters high.

Baron Beach

Baron beach is one of the famous beaches in Yogyakarta, both as a tourist destination and rockfishing spot. To reach the spot rockfishing spot at Baron beach, you have to walk about 10 minutes from the parking area.

In Baron beach there are many fish-stop which sell fresh fish, so you do not need to confuse to find fishing bait because you can buy it near the parking area.

Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach is a beach that is also famous not only for the angler but also for the tourists. Not just beautiful, the beach which is located several kilometers on the east of Baron beach is also the mullet for saltwater fish predators. If you have a trip to Gunungkidul, you should take your time to fishing on the beach Krakal.

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